Sustainable Growth is Our Mission

When it comes to providing interim and outsourced CFO services, some go a mile wide and 10 feet deep. By providing CFO services exclusively to cleantech, energy, and environmental clients, we go 10 feet wide and a mile deep. That’s because it’s really difficult to be an effective strategic advisor to a business in an industry you don’t understand. This is why we specialize in the cleantech, energy, and environmental industries. We eat, drink, and live it. This is what we love. It’s our passion.

Strategic and Financial Insights That Boost Your Bottom Line

As you know, a strong understanding of your financial data is critical to managing and growing an energy or environmental business. But few decision-makers have either the time or knowledge – and that’s understandable.

You’re busy enough without having to micromanage your books and perform the necessary finance functions that enable your business to operate properly.

As an interim and outsourced CFO exclusively for cleantech, energy and environmental businesses and nonprofits, I hear from many owners and high-level executives. Whether they need help with inconsistent cash flow, evaluating acquisition targets, learning better budgeting techniques, developing financial projections, or securing a loan or line of credit from the bank, they all have one thing in common …


And that’s the reason for this website … to boost your confidence and provide resources to better understand how your financial data impacts decisions that coincide with your strategic plan.

Of course, in addition to providing insights into your company’s financial condition and performance, don’t hesitate to use me as an objective sounding board.

Whether you’re evaluating expansion into a new market, have concerns about the many risks unique to energy and environmental businesses, or are assessing how to prepare your business for a period of high growth, you’ll get guidance that accelerates your success.

Oftentimes, achieving goals set for your business is simply a matter of making minor changes that lead to major breakthroughs.

You just need to know where to focus your attention.

Jeff Haydock, President + CEO

Why ecoCFO

Financial Leadership for The Energy & Environmental Industry

Streamline Costs

You’re likely familiar with low hanging fruit. But what about the fruit you don’t even know is there? Cash leaks from businesses in seemingly insignificant ways. With creativity and analytics, we find ways to cut costs without stunting growth.

Drive Revenue

Spotting trends in markets, identifying new opportunities, and executing a strategic plan all come into play when growing your top line. Our expertise in the industry plays a key role.

Management Integration

We don’t work as an outsider; we make an impact as part of your team. After all, not all decisions revolve around a financial statement.

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