Energy Project Development That
Turns Your Ideas Into Action


You have an idea for an energy project.

You see an opportunity for bringing big benefits to a community.

You know your idea could generate additional revenue or significant savings..

So what are the steps to now transform your plan from concept to completion?

That’s where we come into play.

From picking developers and finding proper financing to evaluating RFPs and managing regulatory approvals, we guide you through the entire development process.

As you know, energy project development comes with risks and requires considerable time, money and resources. Our understanding of the development process ensures you bring your project to market faster and with fewer problems (and unnecessary costs) along the way.

So whether you’re a developer, private school, municipality or utility, you have a partner in your project who not only shares your vision, but expands on it so you can grow.

Our expertise extends into the following areas:

  • Draft and issue RFPs or RFQs, evaluate responses, and make a recommendation on the best vendor.
  • Advise on PPA, EPC and lease agreements, and negotiations.
  • Conduct financial review of various project scenarios to determine the best risk-adjusted, economically beneficial scenario.
  • Act as your project manager during permitting, interconnection, design, procurement, construction and commissioning.
  • Evaluate Operations & Maintenance (O&M) vendors and proposals to determine the most suitable O&M arrangement.
  • Negotiate pricing and terms on Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) offtake agreements.

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