If you are considering an energy or environmental improvement project for your building, it’s imperative that you make the right decision on how it is financed.

Imagine financing your project over 10-20 years and attaching the loan to the building. If the project results in negative cash flow, not only does your operating budget take a hit, but it makes it more difficult to sell the building, likely resulting in a reduced market value of the building.

Do you see now why the financing details are so important?

The best way to eliminate this risk is with thorough review and analysis of the various financing packages available, with cash flow projections over the life of the loan detailing the true savings of the project and the real bottom line value it will deliver. Furthermore, having the guidance of an independent expert in energy finance to assist in negotiating the proper financing structure will produce the greatest positive cash flow to you, the building owner.

ecoCFO, based in New Hampshire, provides CFO services exclusively for energy and environmental companies and projects. Our extensive knowledge and experience with finance, energy and environmental projects, and New Hampshire policies and programs is extraordinary and unmatched by anyone in the industry.

As an Independent third party reviewer, specific services we provide to optimize your project consist of:

    • Cash flow planning and forecasting


    • Negotiation of financing packages


    • Evaluation of financing options


    • Review and validation of project economics


    • Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Return on Investment calculations


  • Other services as beneficial for project specifics

We are passionate about these projects for many of the same reasons you are – we believe in energy independence, and empowering business and building owners to make decisions that deliver long-term value and continued economic growth. New Hampshire is our home, and nothing gives us more pride than making it a better place.

If you’re considering an energy project through the C-PACE program, the sooner we get involved, the more helpful we can be.

Contact us today to setup a time to discuss your project.