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outsourced cfo services

Outsourced CFO Services for Energy & Environmental Companies

Expert CFO services that generate returns to owners and investors plus…

great profitability

Greater Profitability

Growing your profits is not just about controlling expenses. It’s also knowing how to evaluate opportunities; how to best price your products, services or commodities; and how to spot deals that are better off untouched.


Improved Cash Flow

Cash in and cash out are critical, but sometimes timing is the key. For instance, we help you determine the best time to make an investment, the right time to cut checks, and how to work out proper payment terms with customers.

stronger balance sheet

Stronger Balance Sheet

While hoarding cash is wise, many investments can make you additional returns. Debt isn’t bad if the terms are right and it cash flows. We make decisions that support sustainable growth and put you in positions of strength.

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Client’s Annual Revenues

Our clients range in size, but the passion they share for their work is what’s most impressive.

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Gallons of Water

Treated every day in facilities designed, built, owned or operated by clients in the last year alone.

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Client Financing Secured

Why go after any lender or investor when you can work with the right one from the start?


MWs of Power

Owned, operated, built, developed or procured by our clients across a broad range of fuel sources.

Our clients saved $2,519,600 in operating costs since 2013

outsourced cfo services

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Success Stories

Brian Palm

“Jeff’s creative financial solution met our specific needs as he found a way to generate annual savings on our utilities. His work ethic, quick responses to questions and execution of details made for a perfect partnership.”

Brian Palm / Director of Environmental Stewardship / Brooks School

Michael Behrmann

“Jeff is the rare find that brings intellect, creativity and a superb work ethic to any situation he’s involved in. His ability to determine the right course of action for the most successful outcome is a true gift. I have been lucky to have worked with him on several innovative efforts and truly look forward to the next great idea we can work on together.”

Michael Behrmann / Principal / Revolution Energy

Maria Dumke

“Under Jeff’s leadership that all changed and we went from $0 in sales to $5M in 3 years. In 2009 he brought an outrageous idea to finance and own a solar array on town land, selling the power to the town. He presented a cash flow analysis and ROI that proved worthwhile.”

Maria Dumke / President / Waterline Alternative Energies

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