Outsourced CFO Services for Cleantech, Solar, Storage, Wind Power, Water, and Nonprofits

“Getting a clear financial picture of what is going on can be very hard in early-stage and rapidly growing companies. A lot of these companies do not have CFOs. If you ask them financial questions as an investor, you can’t always get a clear answer. Young companies can’t afford a full-time CFO so you really need an outside organization that can not only inform the board but also the CEO so they can effectively make decisions. You have got to have a clear and well-managed financial picture. I’m very comfortable when I know that ecoCFO is on the team and they’re taking care of it.  To me, this is about trust. I have 100 percent trust in ecoCFO.”

Mitch Tyson / Partner / Clean Energy Venture Group & Board Chair of Venture Cafe

“Jeff Haydock and his team at ecoCFO have been an invaluable partner as the outsourced CFO and financial management arm for NECEC for several years. We rely on ecoCFO to efficiently and cost-effectively be our partner in planning, forecasting, tracking, balancing, and overseeing our finances, as well as reporting, reviewing and budgeting with NECEC management and board members. They keep us on track managing our complex financial relationships and enable us to make our organization effective. I couldn’t recommend Jeff and his team any higher as a business and financial partner.”

Peter Rothstein / President / Northeast Clean Energy Council & NECEC Institute

It’s great to have them as a partner in the business.  It’s been fantastic; they’re extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

The main difference in using ecoCFO versus a larger company is the attention we get from senior-level people as opposed to a larger company. We rely on their guidance and direction on making the bigger decisions that have significant consequences with financing.

Barrett Bilotta / Managing Partner / Agilitas

“We have worked with Jeff for over five years and it is without hesitation that I can say that his influence on our company, our process and our people has been profoundly transformative.

Jeff’s work ethic, his communication skills and unique talents as a creative and nimble thinker brought focus to our company’s efforts.”

Clay Mitchell / Principal / Revolution Energy

“Jeff is the rare find that brings intellect, creativity and a superb work ethic to any situation he’s involved in. His ability to determine the right course of action for the most successful outcome is a true gift. I have been lucky to have worked with him on several innovative efforts and truly look forward to the next great idea we can work on together.”

Michael Behrmann / Principal / Revolution Energy

“I have worked with Jeff over the past 8 years as both a colleague and subcontractor. Even in the face of some daunting challenges, each project has proven to be successful for our firm and our mutual customers.”

James Hasselbeck / New Hampshire Operations Manager / Revision Energy